Benefits to you as consumer

Print Barcoded Invoice

SCode barcode printed on your order confirmation slip or invoice

Request a SMS

If you don’t have a printer you can request an SCode SMS Payment Short-Code to be sent to your cell phone – no printing required! How cool is that!

Pay your way

Pay using Cash (or via debit or credit card) at over 6000 retail payment outlets

7 days a week

Conclude your payment any day of the week

Receipt issued

Payment confirmation receipt issued

How does SCode Online work?


Select SCode

Once you’ve finished shopping online, proceed to checkout and select SCode as your payment option

Print or SMS

Choose whether you want to receive a SCode SMS Short-Code or SCode Print Invoice

National Footprint

Take the printed SCode Barcoded Invoice or SMS to the Money Market counter or at the Cashier at the South African Post Office

SCode scanned or entered

The Cashier will scan the barcode or type in the SCode in your SMS and request payment.

Choose how you pay

Choose to pay using Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card – whatever is most convenient for you!

Receipt issued and Order dispatched

Once you’ve paid, a receipt will be issued. SCode immediately notifies the Website Retailer that payment has been made and your order is dispatched – It’s as easy as that!!

Pay using SCode at any of these retail outlets

Whoever said you need a credit card to shop online?

Let’s face it – not all customers have credit or debit cards, and this is often what stops them from shopping online. SCode Online is a dynamic payment platform that’s built into your website, and enables your customers to pay for their online purchase by simply walking into one of over 6 000 retail payment outlets, presenting the invoice, and settling the payment – done and dusted!


Benefits to you as merchant

Integrated Payments

Fully integrated payment platform facilitates easy processing

7 days a Week

Payments can be made and received 7 days a week

Print or SMS

Customers can print invoices or choose to receive an SCode SMS

Choose how to Pay

Customers can pay using Cash, Debit or Credit Card at over 6 000 locations

Real time Reconciliation

Daily transaction reconciliation with an option for “real-time” reporting

Funds Deposited

Payments reconciled and deposited directly into your bank account


Ideal for customers who are more comfortable using cash
Being able to provide a SCode cash payment option for our customers has set a new precedent. On top of that ,the SMS SCode function that allows Loot consumers to receive a SCode even without a printer has opened up Loot to new marketplaces and advanced online retail shopping exponentially.
Gary Hadfield- CEO - Loot Online
SCode has given us the opportunity to dramatically increase our reach, offering a simple and secure payment platform which can be used even in remote rural areas, thanks
Mike Darby- The Social Project
I live in Johannesburg and don’t have a Credit Card –  so it was great being able to go online to Loot and buy a Birthday present for  my 4 year old nephew in Cape Town and then just pop into my closest Checkers store and make a cash payment – the birthday present was on his doorstep 2 days later
Andrew Hahn- Rivonia
I don’t trust using my credit card to shop online but was able to buy a present on Loot for my grandson in Ermelo. I selected SCode and paid for it at the Post Office, what a great idea.
Claudette Fisher- Tableview