Benefits to you as merchant

Deposit Cash

Deposit cash across a national network of retail payment outlets.

National Footprint

Over 6000 national retail payment outlets

Receipt Issued

Deposit receipt issued

Daily Reconciliation

Daily transaction reconciliation email

Monthly Statement

Monthly statement email

Funds Deposited

Payments reconciled and deposited directly into your bank account

How does SCode Deposit work?


Card Issued

Your business is issued with a unique SCode Deposit Card

Present for Payment

Take your Cash takings to the Money Market counter or to the teller at the SA Post Office.

Receipt Issued

The Cashier will scan the SCode PVC Card and request the amount to be deposited.

Receipt Issued

Once deposited, a receipt will be issued

Daily Email

You will receive a daily deposit confirmation email

Bank Account

The money is deposited into your bank account.

Pay using SCode at any of these retail outlets

 I have a small t-shirt printing business and a lot of my clients pay in cash – being able to deposit my daily Cash Takings at the Post Office next door to my shop is not only convenient and safe but also saves me time and money.
Johan Goosen- Bloemfontein