Benefits to you as consumer

Print and Scan

Easy to find SCode barcode printed on your invoice, statement or quotation.

SMS option

Atlernatively an SCode SMS Short-Code can be sent to your cell phone – no printing required!

Pay Your Way

You can pay using cash or with your debit or credit card at over 6000 national outlets.

Total Convenience

You can make SCode payment 7 days a week – making your life a lot easier.

How does SCode Billing work?


SCode invoice

You will receive an SCode Barcoded Invoice, Statement, Quote or  SCode SMS

National footprint

Take the printed SCode barcode invoice or SMS to the Money Market counter or at the Cashier at the South African Post Office.

Present for payment

Hand the SCode Invoice to the Cashier or present the SCode SMS

SCode scanned or entered

The cashier will scan the barcode or type in the SCode in your SMS and request payment

Pay your invoice

Choose to pay using either Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card – whatever is most convenient for you!

Receipt issued

Once you’ve paid, a receipt will be issued

Pay using SCode at any of these retail outlets

Give your customer the freedom to choose the way they pay

It’s time to think bigger than “cash or card”.  No matter what kind of business you’re running, SCode Billing now provides your customers with a Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card Payment Solution, to settle SCode barcoded invoices, statements and quotations across a national network of 6 000 retail payment outlets.


Benefits to you as merchant

Barcoded invoice

SCode barcode seamlessly printed on your invoice, statements and quotes

SMS ShortCode

SCode SMS Payment Short-Code can also be sent to customer’s cell phone

Country wide outlets

Pay at over 6000 retail payment outlets – 7 days a week

Choose how they pay

Customers can pay using Cash, Debit or Credit card

Live reconciliation

Daily transaction reconciliation with an option for “real-time” reporting

Funds deposited

Payments reconciled and deposited directly into your bank account
I don’t have EFT or a Credit Card so  I pay my supplier accounts at Shoprite when I do my end of month grocery shopping – it has really helped my business.
Joseph Mulunga- Nelspruit
We don’t have reliable internet on the farm which makes online banking almost impossible  so being able to pay my accounts and invoices at our local Post Office when I go to town once a month is really convenient.
Ingrid du Plessis- Hoedspruit