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SCode Billing

SCode Billing

Provide your customers with the option to pay their barcoded invoices, statements and quotations, using Cash, Debit or Credit Card, almost anywhere in the country.
SCode Online

SCode Online

SCode Online enables customers to pay for their online purchases using Cash, Debit or Credit Card across a national network of over 6 000 retail payment outlets.
SCode Deposit

SCode Deposit

SCode Deposit provides small businesses with a convenient and safe way to deposit Cash across our extensive national retail network 7 days a week.

Market overview

Whilst accessible to the general consumer marketplace, SCode has principally been positioned to empower the emerging consumer markets and those who are generally “unbanked” and primarily transact in cash.

This sector has historically been restricted from participating in financial transactions that require electronic payment processes (including EFT’s, debit orders and credit/debit card transactions), which has resulted in them being isolated from the mainstream economy.

SCode provides an effective payment solution which allows rural and urban consumers to interact across the full spectrum of available services, irrespective of their social, geographic and economic status.


Pay using SCode at any of these retail outlets


Technical overview

SCode systems are built using the latest technologies and support easy and quick integration through industry standard interfaces.

SCode servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art secure server hosting facility enabling us to guarantee the security of all transactions and ensure uninterrupted service. All servers are protected by hardware firewalls and all transactions are managed using encrypted communications to ensure complete integrity and privacy of all transaction data.

The SCode technical team is on hand to answer questions and assist you with your integration.

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