PayGate is a long established payment gateway offering online traders, businesses and enterprises a comprehensive range of solutions for receiving payments online and ecommerce integration.

They offer a range of payment packages to accommodate a wide range of end users, from small businesses and start-ups to established online enterprises.

You can check out the packages here for more info, or keep reading below where we’ll briefly outline each package with details on the specific pricing structures as well as explore the various products on offer.


Paygate Products and Features


PayBill allows users to send electronic bills without having an ecommerce website; a valuable solution for those wanting to receive direct payments.


The PayBatch service allows users to capture and process batch card transactions, upload batches manually or via API integration.

PaySubs – Recurring Billing

PaySubs is the recurring billing function for Paygate. It allows merchants to set up recurring billing subscriptions manually in the Paygate merchant portal or manage their clients on their website. Subscriptions can be updated, modified and deleted via the merchant portal. PaySubs is only compatible with credit card payments and is currently only supported by Standard Bank, Absa and Nedbank


PayVault is a card tokenisation service allowing merchants to safely and securely store clients card details in PayGate’s PCI DSS level 1 database. A unique token is then assigned to the card which can be utilised for future transaction in place of the card.


The PayFX service makes it possible to display prices in the currency of your international customers. During check out PayFX performs an up to date currency rate check and displays the price in the foreign currency as well as the current rate of exchange to ZAR before the customer confirms the converted ZAR value at check out.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are supported across all mobile browsers. Zapper integration adds some useful additional options for mobile, whereby QR codes can be scanned, registration bypassed and payments made without a keyboard.

Cash payments

Using  the SCode platform Paygate users are able to offer their customers the option to make payments in cash. A unique barcode is generated which buyers can then present at the till for payment at the following retailers: Shoprite, Checkers, USave, Checkers Hyper, OK Furniture, House and Home and the SA post office.

Supported Plugin Functionality


  1. SID instant EFT
  2. Visa Checkout
  3. Masterpass
  4. Paypal
  5. Zapper
  6. PaySum1

SID instant EFT

SID instant EFT lets you receive instant EFT payments from customers through the four major SA banks: Standard Bank, Absa, FNB and Nedbank

Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is another option for customers who want to store their card information for easy checkout while shopping online.


MasterCard’s digital wallet solution which allows for card details, shipping and billing information.


Foreign currency payments can be received via PayPal, provided the country of origin is supported by PayPal. No additional rates are payable per transaction but fees may be charged to withdraw amounts from your PayPal account.


QR codes can be added to your e-bills, invoices and checkout for customers to scan with their mobile devices and make payments without the need to re-regsiter. If your customers are already registered with Zapper, their details are passed securely giving them instant access to your site and enabling them to shop with ease.


Paysum1 allows users to receive international payments, deposits and transfers. Cheaper and free of international transfer fees and commissions, PaySum1 is a great way to save on international wire transfer fees for both merchants and sellers.


Monthly Fee

Monthly fees depend on your selected pricing package and Paygate offers 4 options:

  • Paycollect   – Free – Free activation
  • Starter         – R99-00 / month – R200 once off activation fee
  • Medium       – R249-00 / month – R200 once off activation fee
  • Premium      – R499-00 / month – R200 once off activation fee

Transactional Fee

Supported Countries

With PageGate you can receive payments from international countries In various ways. Credit and Cheque cards are accepted (VISA & MasterCard), and international payments can also be received via the PayFX function as well as PayPal and Masterpass.

Supported Currencies, Banks & Payment Methods


Paygate supports payments from:

  1. ABSA
  2. FNB
  3. Nedbank
  4. Standard Bank
  5. Investec
  6. First Data


International payments are accepted from any country via the suitable channels. Payments can be made in any currency but will be settled with the merchant in ZAR. Offshore deposits can be received via the PaySum1 function.

Payment methods

Credit & cheque cards – Receive secure online card payments from Visa and Mastercard holders

SID EFT –  Receive EFT payments instantly from any of the major South African banks

Masterpass – The digital wallet service from Mastercard allows users to shop securely with  account and shipping details stored in-app

PayPal – Set up a PayPal account and start receiving payments online from this internationally recognised platform

Zapper – Scan in QR codes and easily and securely make payments from your mobile phone

SCode – Receive cash payments  by supplying your customers with a barcode which they can scan at pay points and then pay in cash at selected retailers


Paygate has no limit on transactions. This gives you the freedom to have a range of products, or bundle together products without worrying about a user reaching a transactional limit.


Sandbox Test Mode

A Paygate merchant account is required in order to set Paygate to test mode. Dummy card details are available in the developer documentation so that orders can be processed and configuration can be tested.


PageGates Merchant Portal gives you access to your settings and account management settings. Account owners can set up recurring billing, manage users, create e-bills and more.
Paygate has a wide range of solutions for your ecommerce business