Pay it your way

Not everyone has or even wants a credit card or has access to online banking, but in this digital day and age, many people have been left behind. No longer! Not only does SCode allow you to pay your accounts in cash but it also allows you to pay cash when shopping online… it your way!

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SCode Billing

It’s time to rethink the way we pay our accounts. SCode Billing uses a simple barcode, printed on accounts and invoices, to enable you to pay it at any one of our 6 000 retailer payment outlets across the country – using Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card.

Pay using SCode at any of these retail outlets

SCode Online

You can now shop online without a Credit Card. Thanks to SCode online you now have the freedom to do online shopping without entering a single credit card number or even having to pay via EFT. In fact, paying for your online purchases is now as easy as going to the shop to buy bread and milk.

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Find the SCode Barcode on your invoice, statement or quote and present it for payment at either the Money Market or at the Cashier at the SA Post Office

If you receive an SCode SMS, simply present your mobile phone at any money market counter or at the Cashier at the SA Post Office. The Cashier will manually type in the SCode in the SMS – easy as pie!

Once you have finished shopping, proceed to checkout. Select SCode as your payment option. Click print for your SCode Barcoded Invoice or request a SCode SMS. Present the SCode Invoice or SCode SMS for payment at either the Money Market or at the Cashier at the SA Post Office. The cashier will scan the SCode Invoice or input the SCode Short-Code and request payment. Once paid, a receipt will be issued.

You can currently pay an SCode at the Money Market kiosks at Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, House & Home, OK Furniture and USave and at the Cashiers at the South African Post Office.

There is no cost to use SCode to pay for your Online Shopping or when paying an Invoice – For Real!!!

Yes, you can use Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card to make a payment.

Once you have made a payment you will be issued with a receipt / confirmation of payment.