It’s time to rethink the way you do business!

SCode now enables you to give your customers the ease and flexibility to pay for their Online Shopping or settle their Invoices and Accounts, by any method they choose using Cash or via Debit or Credit card.

As a business owner, you now also have the option of using SCode to deposit cash takings at our countrywide network of outlets – thereby saving on excessive bank charges.

This is the dawn of a new era in business – are you ready to step into the future?

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SCode Billing

Let’s face it – not all customers have credit or debit cards, and this is often what stops them from shopping online. SCode Online is a dynamic payment platform that’s built into your website, and enables your customers to pay for their online purchase by simply walking into one of over 6 000 retail payment outlets, presenting the invoice, and settling the payment – done and dusted!

SCode Online

It’s time to think bigger than “cash or card”.  No matter what kind of business you’re running, SCode Billing now provides your customers with a Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card Payment Solution, to settle SCode barcoded invoices, statements and quotations across a national network of 6 000 retail payment outlets.

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SCode Deposit

Bank charges are expensive and to a small business it could mean the difference between make or break! That’s why SCode Deposit now provides shops and SMME businesses, especially those in rural areas without easy access to core banking services, with a dynamic and effective cash management alternative that allows Cash to be conveniently and safely deposited across our extensive national retail network, 7 days a week – for a fraction of the cost of a banking transaction.

Pay using SCode at any of these retail outlets

Once the customer has finished shopping, they proceed to checkout where they select SCode as payment option and click to print the SCode barcoded statement. Once checked out, they need to present the statement at any of the retailers in our network. The cashier will scan the barcode and request payment. Once paid, a receipt will be issued, and you will receive a notification to dispatch their order.

Customers will go to any Money Market or SA Post Office and present a SCode Barcoded Invoice or Statement for payment. The Cashier will scan the Invoice and request payment.  Once paid a receipt will be issued, and you will have an option to receive either batched or real-time notification of payment.

A SCode SMS containing a Payment Short-Code can either replace or accompany all generated invoices or can be selected at Checkout for Online Shopping.  Your Customer will present the SMS at the Cashier for payment.  The Short-Code will be input manually by the Cashier who will request payment.  Once payment is made a receipt is issued and you will have an option to receive either batched or real-time notification of payment.

Customers can currently pay for their online shopping at the Money Market counter at any Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, House & Home, OK Furniture and Usave, or at the Cashiers at the South African Post Office.

Yes, they can use Cash or Debit or Credit Card to make a payment.

Once payment is made the Customer will be issued with a receipt.

SCode enabled business include: