It has never been easier to pay your accounts, subscriptions and utility bills! You can now pay them, even in cash, at your local SCode retail payment outlet, conveniently located across the country. Forget about having to travel to different venues to manage your payments - they can all be in one location at one time.

SCode - the smart, quick and secure way to pay!



how does scode work?

SCode is a simple to use payment code that allows you to pay your accounts, subscriptions and utility bills either in cash or using your debit or credit card, at convenient payment points located in almost every town and city throughout the country. To make SCode payments, simply take your SCode accredited account or bill to your closest SCode retail payment outlet. Here the teller will scan your bill, request the amount due and process your payment. You will be given a receipt as proof of your payment. It's that easy. No more trips to the city or municipality to make your payments, saving you time and money.

what does scode cost?

SCode does not cost you a cent - in fact it will save you money as you are now able to pay your accounts, subscriptions and utility bills where it suits and all in one place!

is scode safe and secure?

All SCode payments are through a secure online transaction ensuring that all transactions, including cash payments, are completely safe and secure. After processing your SCode payment, the teller will give you a printed receipt which is your proof of payment.

where can i use scode?

In South Africa, SCode payments can be made throughout the country at all South African Post Offices. To find your closest Post Office, simply download the PDF by clicking on the link below or email to have a list of all SAPO SCode retail payment outlets sent to your email address.

my service does not have scode - what now?

SCode is currently being integrated into many national and local businesses and service providers, however if your provider does not use SCode, simply contact their customer support and request that they implement SCode. You can also send us a request email and we will contact your service provider on your behalf.