about scode

The patented SCode process co-ordinates and brokers payments across a range of retailers, subscriptions and utilities, bringing the point of payment to the consumer.

SCode boasts one of the most extensive networks of payment outlets in South Africa, with payment outlets across all nine provinces including previously restricted geographical areas.

With the ability to cater for the "unbanked" consumer, SCode provides merchants with access to previously untapped market places.


market overview

Whilst accessible to the general consumer marketplace, SCode has principally been positioned to empower the emerging consumer markets and those who are generally "unbanked" and primarily transact in cash. Read more


merchant overview

Through a simple and secure RESTful web API, SCode provides a highly effective business process improvement platform to merchants and service providers looking to enhance their existing customer experience. Read more


technical overview

SCode servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art secure server hosting facility enabling us to guarantee the security of all transactions and ensure uninterrupted service.
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